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Goods and Services Tax, Harmonized Sales Tax and Quebec Sales Tax Recovery

The GST / HST / QST recovery services offered by Canada Audit Group helps organizations like yours properly account for the Value Added Tax and ensures consistent accounting and remitting processes are adopted.

As a Canadian-based company, we offer unique expertise in helping U.S.-based organizations gain greater control and insight into their Canadian sales tax liability.

Our business model focuses on your specific needs and methods, in order to maximize your potential tax recovery and capitalize on future opportunities to minimize your tax liability.

Our process requires very little involvement from your staff, and will be carried out with minimal disruption to your organization. For your convenience, the audit can be carried out onsite, or remotely.

Once completed, our report will identify any issues that need to be addressed to eliminate any costly errors in the future.

The fee for our tax recovery services is based on a percentage of unclaimed tax credits. Engagement of our services is risk-free on your part.

Our services don’t end with the recovery of previously unclaimed tax credits. Our Tax Compliance consulting service provides ongoing support and training for you and your organization in the development and implementation of efficient sales tax structures, which are key to staying both compliant and profitable.

Contact us for a risk-free analysis of your potential tax recovery.