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Canadian Sales Tax Compliance

If you’re doing business in Canada, your operations are impacted by commodity taxes such as the GST / HST and PST.  If not managed effectively, your compliance with these taxes can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

The various pieces of legislation dealing with these taxes are constantly changing, and staying on top of these changes can be a complex and time-consuming ordeal.

Canada Audit has decades of proven experience in understanding and interpreting Canadian sales tax guidelines, and is constantly monitoring changes and updates to the related legislation. It’s this extensive expertise that we offer with our Tax Compliance service.

This comprehensive service sets us apart from other tax services in that it incorporates return preparation and a continual audit process that will help to reduce your tax burden on each and every return filed.

Prior to filing the return, we’ll review the data you supply to ensure you’re not overstating your tax liability (tax collected) and that the proper credits are identified on each return.

This ongoing process will ensure any errors are identified immediately, and corrections are incorporated into your daily processing of sales and accounts payable transactions.

In addition, we can help your company’s Canadian operations in the following areas:

  • Assistance with the preparation of technical interpretations or ruling requests to tax authorities on sales tax matters
  • Reviewing other sales tax procedures to identify recovery opportunities
  • Providing guidance and support in the event of government sales tax audits, including negotiations and notices of objections
  • Ensuring sales tax matters have been addressed on business reorganizations in order to reduce or eliminate sales tax costs
  • Due diligence reviews related to sales tax issues
  • Ongoing training and implemetation support for key staff, highlighting audit findings and introducing process improvements to improve financial controls related to sales tax compliance and filing

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