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GST / HST Return Filing

In addition to our initial recovery audit, Canada Audit Group also offers an ongoing GST/HST Return Processing service to ensure you are recovering all available tax credits and maximizing your bottom line with every filing.

For each GST filing period, we review Total Sales, GST/HST Payable and GST/HST Receivable and go in-depth to identify any missing input tax credits (ITC’s), as well as to uncover any inaccuracies or non-compliance issues.

Once reviewed, returns are processed and submitted electronically to Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf, and you immediately receive a copy of the report to ensure you are compliant with payment or refund terms.

Additionally, yearly reviews will be conducted on a contingency basis, ensuring that the available credits are realized.

Canada Audit Group will address any questions or inquiries from Canada Revenue Agency related to the GST/HST return.

Contact us for more details on how you can partner with Canada Audit Group to develop an ongoing strategy for efficient and accurate GST/HST return filing.

Contact us to learn more about our ongoing GST / HST Return Processing service.