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Canadian Sales Tax Recovery

Canada Audit Group is a Canadian-based sales tax recovery and tax consulting service, focused on helping U.S. and Global companies with Canadian operations to increase their cash flow and profit margins, while reducing the amount of time and complexity involved in complying with Canadian sales tax rules and regulations.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada Audit Group stands on its 15-year history of saving millions of dollars for thousands of companies like yours through their tax recovery and compliance expertise.

Our highly-trained and seasoned auditors bring a wealth of experience and well-honed expertise to every client engagement. We stay up-to-date on the latest changes to Canadian tax laws which impact your operations, so that you can focus on your core business.

Our success rate speaks for itself: We identify unclaimed Canadian sales tax credits in almost 98% of audits we complete. Our high-rate of success translates to an immediate and direct improvement to your bottom line.

Since our fee is based on a percentage of identified credits that we recover for you, partnering with us is risk-free. Contact us today for a quick analysis of your business and potential tax recovery opportunities.

Contact us for a risk-free analysis of your potential tax recovery.