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Canadian Sales Tax Recovery

If you’re doing business in Canada, there’s a 98% chance you’re paying too much tax. Partner with Canada Audit Group to minimize your tax exposure and maximize your bottom line.

Canadian Sales Tax Compliance

Increase profits while decreasing your exposure to compliance risks.

Identifying and Recovering Unclaimed Canadian Sales Tax Credits

Improving Cash Flow and Increasing Profits

For U.S. and Global companies doing business in Canada, constant changes to sales tax rules and interpretations are an ongoing challenge to cash flow and profitability.

In this complex tax environment, join the thousands of other companies who have leveraged the experience and expertise of Canada Audit Group to recover millions of dollars in Canadian sales tax over-payments.

Canada Audit Group will conduct a thorough, in-depth review of your Canadian sales tax expenses, and other accounts payable, to ensure your company is taking advantage of all available tax credits in order to minimize your tax liability.

Most importantly, there is no capital commitment required of you in partnering with Canada Audit Group, as our fee is based on a percentage of recovered taxes. We’re only successful if you’re successful.

Our Process

1. Data Collection

Our audit process starts with collecting the necessary files and records so that we can thoroughly review your expenses and other payables related to your Canadian business operations. This is likely to be the only step that will require your direct involvement. Once you’ve provided our auditor with access to all required files, you can get back to focusing on your core business while we get to work identifying potential tax opportunities, and pinpointing other potential compliance or filing issues. In most cases, these steps can be completed either remotely, or onsite at your location.


2. Analysis

Next, we’ll apply our expertise and in-depth knowledge of Canadian sales tax laws in analyzing your accounts payable and expense records. The objective is to identify any unclaimed tax credits, and to ensure you’re taking advantage of every potential opportunity to lower your future tax liability, which has a direct impact on your cash flow and bottom line. We’ve been successful in improving financial controls in 98% of audits we complete, saving millions of dollars, and improving margins, for thousands of companies like yours during our 15 years in business.


3. Recovery and Filing

Once our review is complete, we’ll present you with a full disclosure of our findings, and complete all related reporting and filing activities. All tax credits identified are claimed on future returns, reducing the amount of tax you’re remitting. We stand firmly behind our ability to accurately report tax recovery opportunities. In addition, we will provide training and support to your organization in implementing any financial control process improvements. You’ll also have the option to engage our Tax Compliance service on an ongoing basis.

Contact us for a risk-free analysis of your potential tax recovery.